Save money and time on the handling the contents of freight containers





TEUN is the name of a new concept, which will bring about a revolution in unloading freight -containers. Many containers have been filled with products which are not stacked on a pallet, frequently because of the required space. Unloading such containers is now still mainly done by manual labor. Consequence is that the concerned employees sooner or later suffer from physical complaints and that products from the container sometimes get damaged or are not well processed. Moreover discharging the containers in this way costs an enormous amount of money and time.

TEUN ensures that loose-stacked containers are unloaded automatically entirely. An ingenious machine, that can drive into the container, retracts carefully and rapidly the cargo from the container. The same machine piles up the boxes or bags on pallets and (if desired) wraps them with a plastic foil so that the products cannot start sliding. If required the machine also sticks a (bar code) -label on the pallet and/or the cargo, so that the products can be moved rapidly to the correct spot in the storage.                                 



Do you want know how TEUN works? Look here for a short instructive film