What is TEUN?



TEUN is a comprehensive concept, based on a smart unmanned machine, the PIQR. The concept has been developed to offer a solution for the frequently complex labor-intensive and expensive way of unloading containers.  TEUN not only takes care of the complete unloading process, but also from verifying and registering goods to palletizing, foil wrapping and labeling.  Even the checks by the customs authorities can be carried out by TEUN, thanks to the smart vision system. Also TEUN can look after gas measurement and emit a gas-free declaration. If necessary the container can, before unloading, be degassed in an environment-friendly way. Of course TEUN can also be linked to the user’s warehouse management system, enabling the goods to be stored fast, and equipped with a correct barcode- or RFID-label, at the right spot in the warehouse.