What benefits could I get from TEUN?

Heatlh and safety

If you regularly deal with unloading of (loose stacked) containers, then you know the bottlenecks attached to that. Your staff must execute heavy and often ergonomically irresponsible work to manually get the cargo out of a container and process it. Damage of the cargo as well as industrial accidents are not beyond imagination. Unloading takes much time and manpower and is therefore expensive.



Theft of goods by the staff is a well known problem. Applying a supervisor can be a solution, but again costs money. Moreover are there all those other operations and processes around unloading. TEUN removes all these labor- and capital-intensive processes out of your hands and save much money to your organization. A cost saving of 30 per cent or more can be quickly realized! In diagram  as mentioned below you can see an example of a simple calculation.


Finally there is also profit as far as the environment is concerned. Because the logistical chain can, in many cases, be shortened it will be possible to work just-in-time, and the environment can benefit. Trucks that get stuck in a traffic jam on the way to an unloading task are history. TEUN works when you want it, also in the middle of in the night. He does not need to be transported in the middle of the day and that saves expensive and environmentally aggravating miles!



Cost savings

TEUN will offer you at least 30% savings on the cost of your total operation of parcel handling.