The plQr1


The unmanned PIQR drives in the container, sees the cargo and maps these like lightning. Then the machine extracts the products from the container, palletizes them and wraps them, if necessary, with plastic foil. The machine can attach a (bar code) labels and thus prepares the goods for further processing or storage. Every box is checked on volume and weight.

The PIQR can drive, thanks to very innovative multidirectional driving system, which can effortlessly drive not just forward and reverse but also sideways. In this way the machine he can move rapidly between the different loading docks. The machine has a continuous connection with the control center; in this way possible malfunctions are remedied rapidly.

The whole process is recorded by means of camera and can even be monitored in real time.


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piqr-frame-0030-web-3.jpg piqr-frame-2640-web-5.jpg piqr-frame-1936-web-4.jpg