Unloading of small to medium boxes


PIQR 1 HS  high capacity unloading of boxes

For unloading of floor loaded containers TEUN has developed 2 systems, PIQR1 and PIQR1 HS.

PIQR1 HS uses one robot to extract the boxes from the container and another separate robot for the palletizing.

The in house developed gripper can take up several boxes (almost 1 meter wide) at a time and places the boxes on a transport belt link beside it.

The boxes are transported to the rear side where they are, by means of another dedicated robot, stacked on a pallet.

In this way we can work considerably faster and the contents of 20’ container can be processed on average between 1.5 and 2 hours.

The stacked pallet can be wrapped automatically in stretch foil and/or equipped with a pallet label.

Moreover goods can be counted and weighed and the data can automatically be introduced in your WMS system.